Thanksgiving is a very special time of the year for most Americans and I love to celebrate with a kind invitation from my American friends. However, personally I am not big on turkey and if I am the chef for the night, I prefer to roast the esteemed poulet de Bresse, from the East of France and made famous since 1600 when the Duc de Savoie offered the plumpest roosters from Bresse to King Henry IV. This French poulet today has maintained an incredible status that it only garners if this species comes from Bresse. Protected by its “appellation d’origine”, this provides a truly delicious dinner.  Luckily, it is bigger than a standard chicken so you can order in a 4-kilo bird. Of course, this is breaking with tradition for a Thanksgiving dinner, but this is my poultry of choice. Also, to add to the drama, you must order it in from France, either by having a proper good butcher in the UK or contacting a butcher in Paris or Bresse and importing it.

My top tips are never to overcook poultry and the longer you let it rest, the more succulent it is. This is no ordinary chicken, so treat it with great care! It has more meat on it than a standard turkey or chicken. It roams and lives for up to 8-10 months, is free of all hormones and additives. It tastes incredible and my American friends are now converted and wonder if it can be imported into the US. There is plenty of meat left, so the next day I make sandwiches for lunch, then a day later, a curry and then use the remaining carcass to make a stock. It’s all worth the investment and a real treat and my take on Thanksgiving and it never goes wrong.

Thanksgiving is a very special time and is a moment in the year where I have an opportunity to reflect on life, my American friends, Ormonde Jayne’s American partners. I give thanks to all areas of life that make us happy and feed our souls.

I am fortunate to be in such a great business. I have a sincere relationship with all our partners, colleagues, and employees, with whom I have the opportunity to work. These people are now more than just business associates, they are friends.