A stroll down the Quadrilatero

Travel and gourmand are one of the main pillars of my brand. You will find notes of gourmand scattered across my scents whether it is the basmati rice note in Champaca or the saffron in Ta’if.

Hence, it is no surprise that the Quadrilatero in Bologna is one of my favourite markets in the world and one of the oldest in Italy. A stroll down this street will awaken your senses both visual and sensory. The variety of food and culture you will find in this concentrated part of town is unmatched by any other market.

This area of Bologna was the most developed during the Middle Ages and in essence hasn’t changed over time especially when it comes to authenticity of taste and ambiance. This market was once home to goldsmiths, barbers, fishmongers and the best butchers. The Mercato di Mezzo, part of the Quadrilatero, was the city’s first ever covered market.

Even today the cobbled streets of the markets are still reminiscent of a bygone age.

Some of my favourite spots to visit include


The Osteria del Sole: One of the oldest inns of Bologna open since 1465. Here you can enjoy fine Italian wine and discover the true tradition of Bologna, sitting around wooden tables and watching life go by.  (Temporarily closed and soon to reopen)

Tamburini: One of the oldest delis, in operation since 1932 and known for their selective care and curing of meats. Here you will find excellent cold cuts and cheeses and the Bolognese tortellino.

The Antica Pescheria Brunelli: A fishmonger since 1924, included in the list of shops for Historic Tradition and Cultural Value for maintaining it’s original architecture and original ambiance and not to mention, some of the best oysters and fish I have ever had.

Paolo Atti & Figli: The Atti family has produced specialities from Bologna and many different types of pasta and bread for five generations making it a favourite pitstop for locals and tourists in the know.

La Vecchia Malga: In operation since 1969, where you will find a wide variety of high quality cheeses. You must try the Mortadella Bologna and truffle mousse.

Outside of food specialities, the Quadrilatero is also a hub for music and cultural events. The “La strada del Jazz” Festival takes place every September which enlivens the cobbled streets and hidden alley ways in the heart of Bologna. This is where live music will transport you back in time. Small jazz bands and great musicians alike, come together and intertwine cultures, generations and above all transcend the cultural life of Bologna.