A wonder through Paris and my favourite spots

Ah, Paris, always a splendid idea, isn’t it? Just hop on the Eurostar and voila! And now, with the Olympics approaching, it’s poised to become even more magical. Paris is expecting around 15 million visitors this summer, all eager to explore this city of lights, endless charm and chic at every level.

Uncovering Paris' hidden gems has become essential. That's why I'm captivated by Mathilde Favier’s new book, Living Beautifully in Paris. Set to be released next month, it’s a treasure trove of Parisian chic, filled with secret spots recommended by Mathilde herself, the esteemed Head of PR at Dior Couture, and her circle of elegant acquaintances.

Shop for African arts and crafts at CSAO

This boutique, founded by Ondine Saglio and inspired by her mother Valerie Schlumberger’s vision of ethical trade, is a hub of exquisite craftsmanship. It’s a place where Parisians come for unique finds like Liberty-print cushions adorned with golden stitches.

Find collectibles at Galerie du Passage

Since 1991, Pierre Passebon’s gallery has been a must for collectors seeking the extraordinary. Known for his audacious taste and humour, Pierre showcases a fascinating array of modern objets d’art and furniture, including the creations of Jean Royere and Alexandre Noll.

Charcuterie at Caractère de Cochon

This Parisian staple is where gourmets gather to savor custom-made ham sandwiches laden with thick tasty French butter and an array of fine meats and cheeses. The selection here is simply too tempting to pass up! Don’t think about the calories, just embrace and enjoy.

Explore all-in wellness at Muse et Heroine

Janine Knizia’s holistic haven in the Marais is more than just a boutique; it's a sanctuary focused on clean beauty and well-being, blending luxury with eco-consciousness beautifully.

Explore Marché des Puces (The President Wilson Market)

Twice a week, this market transforms Avenue du President-Wilson into a culinary delight, popular with Michelin-starred chefs and lovers of fine, fresh produce alike.

Discover Paris’s best tarte aux pommes at Boulangerie Poilâne

While Poilâne is globally renowned for its bread, the historic bakery in the 6th arrondissement, led by Apollonia Poilâne, also offers the most delightful tarte aux pommes—a true Parisian treasure not to be missed and one of my favorites.

Here you'll find the essence of Parisian living: a blend of tradition and modernity, all delivered with a touch of effortless style and grace. It's all about experiencing the real Paris.