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Now available in both a 500ml and 250ml bespoke receptacle, an off spring of our Ormonde Jayne Eau de Parfum bottle, a handsome and smart statement piece. Imagine how nice it would be to return to a fabulously scented home. Every room can declare its only individuality.

Ta’if, full of romance, an opulent composition both sophisticated and seductive, goes without saying perfect for the bedroom.

Scroll down for top tips.

Rose oil, orange flower and freesia.




Use the 12 reeds included for optimum yield or if you are scenting a large room.

9 reeds will perform perfectly well in smaller rooms, for example, a bathroom, hallway or bedroom.

To maintain maximum fragrance in the room, turn the reeds weekly, otherwise turn every two weeks, which will also adequately scent a room.

If entertaining, turn all the reed 2 hours before the party starts….have fun!

The longevity will depend on how often the reeds are turned. In our extensive product development you can depend on 3+ months, however, I have some reeds that have continued to scent my guest bedroom for over a year, that’s how good they are!

Scenting your home is a personal statement – it’s what your friends and family will remember.

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