Mince Pies

Gourmand is at the heart of inspiration at Ormonde Jayne and my guilty pleasure is cooking and sharing what I make with my loved ones around me.

Mince Pies are a Christmas must and tradition. Believe it or not, mince pies could possibly date back to at least the 12th century and are thought to have originated in the Middle Eastern cuisine. King Henry V had mince pies made as early as in 1413 for his coronation. Hence, a very delectable item on menus for celebrations.

My secret to Christmas is making my own mince pies. Cooking gives me immense pleasure and a British tradition during the festive season gets me and my family in the spirit.

The mince I make for my mince pies comprises of raisins, sultanas, currants, brandy and for those who prefer non alcoholic; fresh organic clementine juices that will replace the alcohol perfectly and give the mince the perfect moisture and flavour you need.

You mix it in with your hands and pour in some orange juice. Beseech and stir. Everyday you wake up, you make it a point to stir it before you turn your kettle on! It should be 30 days! I do mine for around 21 days because then you do have to actually get around to making them!

Shortcut pastry recipe

When the boys were young, we used to take turns on who would stir the mince pie matrix at the breakfast table which was quite a tradition.

21st of December is the day we make the mince pies.

I tend to favour not too much pastry and I roll it out completely thinly. I then add my dried fruit and all absorbed with the rich flavours. I might decorate it with a cut-out star. You brush some eggyolk and voila off they go to bake. I do four lots and they end up being a great way to extend gratitude to friends and family and share the festive spirit. I gift them to work colleagues, local friends and even my butcher to ensure I get a good cut every time I am back to shop.