Mayfair Secrets

I have been in Mayfair for 23 years, witnessing the most extraordinary transformations. Albemarle Street used to host delightful local cafés, the kind where one could find a 'greasy spoon' and enjoy a bacon sandwich. We have now witnessed a complete makeover from local coffee stops to shopfronts including those of Bruno Wang, an entrance to Charlie's at Brown’s Hotel, a Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant and of course, Oswald's - a high end members only club.

What is extraordinary is the extension of Bond Street shops now showcasing onto Albemarle Street. You will see the beautiful windows of Alexander McQueen, Cartier, Moncler, and Tiffany & Co sitting beside Bar des Prés, Isabel and Buccellati. In the years I have been here, this street has reached its peak of elegance and is quieter than Bond Street, making it rather spectacular and the height of luxury. 

Mayfair is a wonderful place for both work and relaxation. Here, one can find the perfect balance between the two if you take full advantage of what's on offer like the Royal Academy and the Royal Institute. On a summer's day, I enjoy strolling to Green Park to rent a deck chair. As the sun warms your face, you realise how lucky you are being able to escape work in the middle of the day. It is indeed a privilege to be able to take in the nature and yet be able to return to work at a moment's notice. The architecture, boutiques, art galleries, and restaurants of Mayfair ensure that all your senses are indulged to the utmost. The neighbourhood is unparalleled.


Another favourite of mine is the RAC Club on Pall Mall. Although I am not a car fanatic myself, having driven electric for 18 years, I do appreciate the stunning designs of vintage cars. The club is a stunning establishment, it features an Olympic-sized pool and a superb gym. Incredibly, whenever I go for a swim, I quite often have the whole pool to myself. The club boasts beautiful gardens and architecture, and the culinary expertise of The Great Gallery rivals any experienced in Mayfair. The waiters are among the most kind-hearted people you will meet. The spa offers little bedrooms where you can draw the curtain and create your private sanctuary for the day.


For me, Mayfair is an extraordinary creative hub of excellence.