New Year’s Resolution

When we speak of New Year’s Resolutions, we often talk about how we will monumentally change our way of living which usually revolves around diets and exercise.

I highly encourage you to move on from this strategy because we all know and understand what we should eat and what is the food of the devil.

For me the game changer has been incorporating small changes, a concept introduced by James Clear, the bestselling author of Atomic Habits.

This is a fantastic book and I absolutely understood every part of it as practically as it was intended to be delivered. The book talks about incorporating tiny changes every single day into your life. I have signed up to his weekly newsletter that arrives in my inbox every Thursday and has amazing tips. This is an email I never delete and even if I don’t have time to read it in the moment, I always go back to read it.

You never have come across so many pearls of wisdom under one title as James Clear is able to deliver to you regularly. Everything seems so relevant to our life currently; it is addictive reading it!

It’s not about adopting huge changes you will have to do instantly over the course of a month, because when something is hard to do, we give up after a while – it’s too tiresome.

Small steps are everything. Getting up five-minutes earlier to stretch. Make it a habit until it becomes part of your lifestyle.

I stretch every morning in the bathroom and I feel much better for it and I can also do it when I’m on a business trip in my hotel room. It all adds up, after one year of stretching, your body is in a much better position.

Another small change to stay hydrated. My first drink of the day is a glass of water. You are rehydrating after sleeping with water, which seems the most logical start to the day. My next glass is at 11 am, 14:00, 17:00 and before I retire for the night, a warm cup of herbal tea. It is automatic now, part of my lifestyle. Over time, the body is in much better shape for it. Tiny new habit, easy to do.

Whether it is your health, fitness, career, business, children, or love; this book covers everything in bite size potions, so that it is all achievable.

I usually forward my Thursday newsletter on to my husband, if I feel it’s relevant and he can benefit from the enlightening words in the current chapter of our lives. He always takes away a bite size portion.

So, my advice for 2024 is if you haven’t yet, get a copy of Atomic Habits. Small changes adds up to substantial positive changes.