The beginnings of Ormonde Jayne are far from glamorous, started almost by chance and at the time little more than the passionate hobby of an uncompromising perfectionist.

Linda’s interest in perfumery started as a teenager, intrigued by the passion and romance of perfume and perfume bottles. This passion led Linda to her first career, growing and selling flowers by the roadside outside her Cheshire family home.

She also learnt to make scented candles and bathing oils from craft sets and created beautiful scented cushions for birthdays and Christmas presents.

The following fourteen years were spent travelling and working around the world.



With a keen business sense and an eye for detail, Linda gained invaluable experience working in South America, Africa and the Far East, owning and running a boutique hotel, a soya bean farm and even a small chain of ice cream parlours where she created her own exotic ice cream mixtures.

It was in these fantastic locations, surrounded by luscious flora and intoxicated by heady scents, that Linda first learnt to appreciate and research exotic oils and essences - an extension of her childhood hobbies.

On returning home, Linda continued with her love of scent and began creating a breathtaking new collection of perfumes which were shown at a London trade show.

For two consecutive years, she was awarded the first prize for style and innovation. When later asked to create ‘the perfect scented candle’ for Chanel, she rose to the challenge.

It wasn’t long before her inspirational vision thrust her into the limelight. Spurred on by her own demanding standards, Ormonde Jayne’s breathtaking perfume range was born. Each product is passionately created by Linda and bottled and packaged by hand in her London workshop. The Ormonde Jayne perfumery opened on 30th November 2001 in London’s Old Bond Street.

“In creating Ormonde Jayne, my goal was to combine elements which I consider define true elegance: The quality of English craftsmanship, the art of French perfumery and the sensuality and natural harmony of the Orient”

Linda Jayne Pilkington

Creator and Founder


Upholding the values of a perfectionist, we manufacture all of our products in our own London laboratory.

Our in-house trained staff share the same vision and every new batch of scented products is carefully inspected before being sent out around the world.



Pale gold mirrors, 18ft high velvet drapes, make for a striking and decadent interior, contrasting beautifully with our vibrant mandarin linen packaging - a dramatic setting for a heady array of exquisite perfumes.

In-store retail experience:

Introducing Your Scent Your Strength Your Style – choose your favourite Ormonde Jayne perfume and have it poured to your desired strength, up to extract. Choose your bottle from a collection of beautiful colours and if gifting, have your unique perfume gift wrapped with our chic in-house orange and white paper for the ultimate present.



The unmistakable style of Ormonde Jayne - intelligent design, clean lines, solid and functional yet oozing sensuality and classical elegance with our signature contrasting colours of vibrant mandarin and bitter chocolate.

It’s a timeless classic, masculine yet feminine, modern yet elegant - simply stunning.