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Muscat Travel Lab

Immerse yourself in the allure of Muscat Eau de Parfum with our Travel Lab set, featuring four 10ml vials. This fragrance envelops you like a second skin, offering an intimate amberesque embrace. Eschewing traditional citrus and floral notes, it delves straight into the heart of sensual, sultry and smouldering aromas. Rich oudh notes blend with the sweetness of rose, dates, vanilla, and halwa. As you traverse through medinas, balls, or soirŽes draped in light silks, leave behind an emotive sillage that is both mysterious and enchanting.


Amberesque / Oudh


Cocooning. Smouldering. Honeyed

  • Head

    Saffron, cinnamon, date oil


    Rose absolute, frankincense, incense, halwa

  • SOUL

    Oudh, vanilla, oakmoss, cardamom


Muscat, cradled by the arid Hajar mountains and the largest uninterrupted sand desert, a serene natural harbour graced by romantic dhows with huge sails billowing in the warm air heavy with a rich melange of cardamom, saffron, cinnamon, frankincense, dates and cloves wafting in from the souk. A strategic trading port for two millennia, an important link between East and West on the spice routes.