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Ormonde Ambiance Refill

An unconventional woody candle. Black hemlock, cardamom and cedar wood. Perfectly welcoming and giving the feeling of home sweet home. Light in the hallway or Entrance to a room. Hemlock and cedar wood for sheer smoky earthiness.






Top Tips

Use 9 reeds for an optimum yield, however, 12 are included to strengthen projection depending on the size of the space you are intending to scent.

Turn the reeds on a weekly or bi-weekly rotation. I also turn my reeds a couple of hours before a soiree. Always turn the reeds over a sink.

The longevity depends on how often the reeds are turned but generally speaking between 4-5 months. Having said that, in my guest bathroom the frangipani scent is still going strong after a year without turning the reeds because it’s a tiny room.